Senior Canadian politician congratulates Prime Minister-elect Moses Nagamootoo

Senior Canadian politician and former envoy to the Dominican Republic, Dr. Alvin Curling has written to congratulate Prime Minister-elect Moses Nagamootoo. “It is with great honour that I extend the heartiest congratulations to you and your election as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Guyana,” Dr. Curling, a Jamaican born Canadian politician wrote. “The greatest honour that can be bestowed upon anyone is to be elected by the people to represent their interest and serve the nation. This achievement culminates some fifty years of selfless commitment and dedication to Guyana’s political development. The Republic of Guyana has chosen well,” added Dr. Curling who served as a member of the Ontario Parliament for over 20 years.Dr. Curling served as Canadian envoy to the Dominican Republic from 2005 to 2006. He was also Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario until 2005. “You have demonstrated over the years as a person of strong belief in the goodness, and dignity of all human races and for that and that alone stand you tall among mankind. The people have chosen well,” Dr. Curling wrote. “I want to wish you and President David Granger my very best as you lead a new cabinet and a new government into a renewed path of governing in a land yearning for a unified government,” Curling concluded. Mr. Nagamootoo thanked Dr. Curling for his warm greetings and confidence and said that he looks forward to working with the Jamaican/Canadian in furthering the interest of Guyana and the Guyanese people on the regional and international stage. Dr. Curling had hosted a private meeting at his residence with Mr. Nagamootoo on his recent visit to Canada during the election campaign. Nagamootoo is expected to be formally sworn in as Prime Minister shortly.